What We Do

Development Services
Net Operating Income = ROI
Total Investment Cost

Site selection, the market and the competitive set

We go to the proposed location and with the team on the ground we evaluate the potential of the hotel.

Plans, design, ideas and revenue generators

Recommending the number of rooms, the type of rooms, suites, apart rooms, size of meeting rooms and restaurant, event space and banqueting, back of house areas kitchen and services.

Brand / Management Operators / Owner Operator

All can make a difference on the ROI. We look at each option and selection the option that will have the highest rev par relative to cost and we think this is crucial in maximizing your return.

Let us now build the team

We can recommend hotel specific designers, general contractors and special hotel services with proven track records.

Income / Cost – what can be expected

We produce the forecast for year one through year five. As hotel operators, not just accountants, we have the in-depth knowledge and first-hand experience of behind the cost’s figures. Understanding the numbers is vital, it is essential to have operational experience so we can see the changes that need to be made that we make the difference for making a profit and not a loss.

The team selection

If the pot wash in the kitchen is not selected correctly then the kitchen fails, we look at all levels of staff through to the leader. All staff have to go through skills tests and the management team have to attend a selection board including team exercises and leadership skills.

Property Management / Operational Changes

Consisting of an initial analysis, developing the strategic and tactical plans while forming an “Action Playbook” and then assisting the hotel in the execution of the plan. Working with the owners and senior team is essential to unlock the potential of individuals in the team to assist in unlocking the performance potential of the business. Analysis of sales, marketing, revenue management, eCommerce, positioning, branding and PR and identifying the gaps to optimum performance.


Provide various business models identifying what can be done to improve the offering by looking into, and working with, all departments and their staff including the management team from the top down to create bespoke action plans to each individual business. In-depth research and intelligence to have a full understanding of the competitive set data resulting in potential of a hotel profit.

Independent Hotel Ownership

Individuals, that have invested or are looking to invest or operate, that typically lack hotel expertise who are seeking support and an A-Z approach to ensuring the asset is profitable. This can also take the form of operational support for a period of time while the team undergo training and development.

Special Services

Hotel assets that are bank owned or distressed and are seeking support to turn the assets around or to maintain and increase the asset while it is being held or sold by the bank.

Work With Us

If you are interested in working with us, send an email to us at enquiry@layercakeconsultancy.co.uk and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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